Decision Making…

God's plan....jpg


What a blessing it is to have opportunities to be in the presence of women who speak such life into my life… I have just returned from one of two life groups that I currently have the privilege to be involved in through my church (Emmanuel Christian Center ).  We are linked with the Propel Women’s Organization founded by Christine Caine (Propel).  The mission & Vision of Propel is… “Helping women internalize a leadership identity & fulfill their purpose, passion & potential.”  Each week we zero in on a topic of leadership, this week’s was DECISION MAKING.  Through discussion, I immediately thought about the above quote I received a while ago on my facebook feed from

Our entire day is filled with decision-making.  Whether at work or at home, we are having to navigate through simple and complex decisions.  Often we have to weigh those decisions with more than just how it will affect us, but those around us as well.  We have to consider the outcome and bounce it against our own experiences in our past, what it means for our future, and any consequences (positive or negative) it will have.  Granted that deciding what to have for lunch does not require as much in-depth consideration as whether one should move to a new city or not, but it still requires thoughts beyond the immediate.

It was shared tonight in our break-out small group that when faced with the decision-making process as a whole, think of a train.  God is the engine by which everything is pulled.  Behind that you have TRUTH.  Behind that you have EMOTIONS/FEELINGS.  If God is at the helm of what we are working through to decide, then he will lead us into the path that we should go.  It was also shared that we should think of Proverbs 3:6 at the crux of our decision-making… “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”  YES!  If we are to acknowledge him… aka know him and have him always in view… then he will make straight our path… aka bless us and keeps us from destruction.  What a beautiful truth to behold!  What a promise to cradle!

As the quote states, at the very core of our decision making for each day… we need to choose to embrace God’s plan and battle against the enemy’s… knowing full-well that God’s promise is to go to battle with and for us… all we need to do is acknowledge him in ALL that we do.  The other decisions we are faced with pale in comparison!

God is good!


2nd Start… or is it my 3rd?

Radiant Hope

What a crazy year it’s been… we are pushing up on the 1 year Anniversary of my mom’s homecoming to heaven and it still seems so surreal.  As I look back… I realize that I have been through it all this past year… panic attacks, seemingly insurmountable grief, roller coasters of emotions, heartache, physical pain, financial chaos, and so much more… I have seen pastors, and naturopaths, and counselors, and general practitioners, and chiropractors in an effort to fix the one thing that was leading me to be so incredibly unstable emotionally… The only formal diagnosis I have received is Telogen Effluvium – which basically means that I have gone through a massive hair shedding (lost 50% volume) and am on Iron supplements (and natural remedies) to try and conquer that beast (who knew that I was so attached to my hair).  After a crazy last few days, I have come to the very real epiphany that the one things that remained consistent, the one thing that was here when I was chasing everything else… is God’s RADIANT HOPE!  Only He can provide the “wrap-around presence” (don’t you just love that – I got this image from our Women’s Pastor at church – oh how I needed it this weekend) that will take us THROUGH the journey and not allow us to get stuck in it for too long.  I heard at church once a testimony of a woman who had beat cancer through a divine healing.  She stated that there are “treasures in the valley” that you will not get anywhere else.  I’ve held on to that and realized that I have gotten MANY treasures in this valley:  a family that has come together in a very real time of pain and supports each other without question, and twin sister who brings me joy beyond measure, friends through facebook groups that I have plugged into, friends/colleagues at work who have supported me through my inconsistencies, new friends through lifegroups/mentorship at church that have been my cornerstone, a strength to persevere that I really didn’t know that I had, and the JOY of the Lord that has picked me up when I needed it most.  He has never failed me or left my side, even when I neglected to realize he was there.  He is my refuge.  He is my ALL.  It is because of Him that I am redeemed and through Him that I have new found joy!  In 12 days it will have been a year since mom left us to be with Jesus.  I am not mad at that fact – she is healed and whole and dancing and singing.  I know that my journey will lead me to her one day… the only thing I have to do is consistently and fervently find the JOY in that journey.  Today I have RADIANT HOPE through Jesus – what a blessing that is that I will NOT take for granted.

And so, the blogging begins again… fresh & new… with intention & perspective!

God is good!

I just adore this video…

Sometimes, songs remind you of a feeling. Taylor Swift can put you in the mood to reflect on an ex-boyfriend. Florence and the Machine, can make you think as if you are reading poetry rather than listening to the radio. This song by Meiko, Stuck on You, gives me the joyous feeling of being back in my childhood, chillin’ with friends, eating ice cream, the yumminess filling me up with a sweet sense of happiness. Gotta love a great song!

A few of my favs…

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 2.31.49 PM

I love love love some of the new music coming out of Cities 97… of them I am adoring Meiko’s new album.. “Stuck on You” is my current fav… take a peak at the lyrics:

I must confess When I wear this dress I feel like dancing The whole night with you And when i do do do do do do I feel so happy I’m stuck on you…

Cuz you are the one I could see havin’ fun with Not just for tonight But for the rest of my life You are the one i could never be done with I want you tonight and for the rest of my life do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do

You are so dreamy Feel like im in the movies I feel so happy I’m stuck on you, Cuz you are the one I could see havin’ fun with Not just for tonight. But for the rest of my life You are the one i could never be done with I want you tonight and for the rest of my life do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do

I’m stuck on you. Cuz you are the one I could see havin’ fun with Not just for tonight But for the rest of my life. Cuz you are the one I could see havin’ fun with Not just for tonight But for the rest of my life You are the one i could never be done with I want you tonight and for the rest of my life do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do do!

A few of my favs...

Live in the moment… but hold on to those sweet ones…

Live in the moment... but hold on to those sweet ones...

I have pledged this year to do all that I can to hold on to those sweet memories throughout the year. I always find that I have no problem holding on to the negative things that come my way (why is that?)… so I am actively combatting that by periodically placing a sweet memory on a slice of cardstock paper and holding on to it in this jar. I can reread them when I need a “pick me up” and at the end of the year I will have this great supply of all the great memories from the year! I can’t wait to get started!

I love my CHICs…

This past Friday I had the great fortune of hosting our Church ladies group called “chics and chatter” – CHIC meaning “Cool & Hip In Christ” and Chatter because who really gets enough time in their busy schedules to talk with the women they adore!?

On the menu…

Olive crustinis
reinvigorated deviled eggs
crab dip and garlic-infused pita chips
veggies and pesto dip
brownie bites with daisy topping
mini short bread cookies with frosting/sprinkles
pineapple glazed meatballs
cranberry/pineapple/almond punch

Can you say yummy?

On to the chatter…

What a blast it was! We talked about everything from weddings… to motorcycles… to growing up… to decorating… to recipes… to the beauty of Summit Ave… to forgiveness & reconciliation… it was so pleasant to be around Godly women who were open to the joy of the Lord and relating to others. It was one of those night that you hated to see end, but knew you were blessed to be a part of.

Looking forward to many more Chics & Chatter events!!!

Isaiah 55:12 – “You will go out in joy and be led forth in peace; the mountains and hills will burst into song before you, and all the trees of the field will clap their hands.”

The value of vintage…

I love when my mom sends me stuff that was hers or my grandmas… it just builds a link from this era to theirs.

My mom sent me 7 vintage homemade eggs that used to belong to my heaven-seated grandma Brunsberg (first name Thilda, but everyone called her Billie). I adore them & didn’t know what to do with them at first. I wanted to display them in a way that did them justice, so I decided to put together an Easter Egg Tree. I absolutely love the way that it turned out – I may just keep it up a bit past Easter and enjoy all that is!

When I sit and think for a bit about why I enjoy vintage treasures so much, especially those belonging to some I knew, I think it is because they give me a glimpse into their generation. I look at my tree and I see my grandma crafting or selecting them at the corner store. I see her with her pant suit or skirt suit on (fully gloved) searching for the right egg to finish off the grouping. I see her bringing them to the home that I visited all the time and placing them in just the right spot for Easter Dinner (she was a great cook). I look at them and I am brought back to my visits with her on Easter… our egg hunts at the cabin, time spent at the kids table for dinner (graduating to the grown-up table eventually), real fires in the living room while we play cards or listen to stories…. it all comes back with a glance at the rick-rack and sequence enveloped on those eggs…. joyful, joyful I adore thee!!

a collection of goodies to behold…

What a great website I have found! I love being creative & when I am not able to, I love ordering things from a site dedicated to the interesting and joyful…

They have a great selection of things to choose from – all come from a place of lifting people up – that’s the kind of thing that I like to surround myself with!

Here is a great piece that I found most necessary to purchase…

Other items offered include: accessories, car “stuff”, gifts, scripture pillows, keepsakes, trinkets, and so much more – they even have a clearance tab… who doesn’t love getting something on sale?!

I love perusing the selections just to do a mental jot-down of the great quotes that they have…

“free to be me”
“peace begins with a smile”
“I get by with a little help from my friends”
“stop, smile, breathe… life is beautiful”
“she decided to start living the life she imagined”
“see the beauty in the little things”
“live the life you love”
“enjoy the little things”
“faith is when you close your eyes and open your heart”
(I could really go on & on & on…)

My hope is that you find this great site as spendid as I have… enjoy the ride (another of their great quotes)!